Life Insurance Ballymoney & NI

We all need to be protected. Life Insurance is designed to pay out a lump sum or a regular income in the event of a death over a term you choose. The term is normally in line with your mortgage.

The lump sum may pay off your mortgage in full, replace a lost income to your spouse, family or any nominated beneficiary. Or simply provide a lump sum legacy for your family members.

What would happen if a sudden death, illness or disability occurred? DG Mortgages can help provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are protected should something happen.

Life insurance comes in many shapes and sizes. We are here to help offer friendly, professional advice to help get you the cover you need.


Help protect your family with life insurance

Life insurance is also referred to as Term Assurance. This comes in 2 main forms:

Level Term Assurance – this policy will give you the same amount of cover during the life of the policy. It will pay out that amount if you make a claim.

Decreasing Term Assurance – this policy will decrease over the term. Normally to match the decreasing mortgage amount owing on a repayment mortgage. It will pay out the current amount when a claim is made.


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